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  • CPR/First Aid Training
  • Medication Aide Training
  • Safety Intervention STARS/MANDT Training
  • Individual’s Choice Training
  • Individual’s Right Training
  • HIPPA & Confidentiality Training
  • Dignity & Respect Training
  • Abuse & Neglect Training
  • Emergency Procedures Training
  • Infection Control Training
  • Individuals’ Medical Protocol Training – as applicable
  • Individuals’’ Safety Protocol Training – as applicable
  • Positive Support Techniques Training
  • Habilitation, Socialization & Age Appropriateness Training
  • Other training as required by Home At Last
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with the individual served, as well as team members, including Home At Last staff, Service Coordinators, Guardians and medical personnel.
  • Ability to accept feedback from team members and implement changes in programming and/or the home when recommended
  • Ability to complete online documentation for programs and medications on a daily basis
  • Ability to record accurate information in Therap as part of daily documentation
  • Assist the individual with financial and medical services as needed
  • Ability to use teaching strategies as appropriate such as role playing and should include positive praises as techniques
  • Attend and participate in team meetings for the individual
  • Attend all quarterly training with Home At Last


You will be provided with online access to both Relias Learning Systems and Therap Systems. Relias will track and store the vast majority of all required coursework as listed in the State of Nebraska's regulations. Therap will offer training opportunities to support you in your daily documentation requirements as set forth by Home At Last. Home At Last will also provide you with additional training on site.

Accuracy & Timely Data Collection:

Home At Last requires daily data collection on Programs, Attendance, Medication Administration Records, Staff Objectives, Financial ledgers and all scheduled Medical Appointments on the day they occur. Having access to Internet, Microsoft office, possession of a scanner and printer compatible with Therap and Microsoft are required. Data recorded is to be accurate and honestly reflect the individual's daily events.

Habilitation Program:

All individuals will have programs designed to meet their care plan. These programs and staff objectives will be run and recorded in Therap on a daily basis.

Financial Ledgers:

Petty Cash ledgers are maintained using our company system Therap and all receipts are attached to the entries when recording the transactions by the end of the transaction date listed on the receipt. This process is to protect the Shared Living caretaker and the individual to account for all of the money in the individuals account and what is being spent.


It is the responsibility of the Shared Living caretaker to ensure the individual makes it to all medical appointments, vocational services and family visits.

Monthly Home Visits:

The Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist/and or RN will conduct at least a monthly home visit with you and the individual to ensure the well-being of the client. This visit will also allow the Shared Living caretaker and the individual the opportunity to discuss any difficulties, compliments or complaints they may be experiencing.