Individualized Services for People With Intellectual Disabilities

Home At Last takes pride in making sure that every person's needs are met. Our aim is to assist all individuals and their families to achieve their desired outcomes. As an individual's needs change or become more specific, our care plans change to assure the quality of service is the number one goal for each person who chooses Home At Last as part of their team support system. The individual's in these homes are treated with dignity and respect at all times and are insured the same rights as any other person.

Back up Staff

Home At Last offers services to families and guardians who have individuals in services who are living at home with them. This service provides the caretakers an opportunity to have relief care assist in the daily needs of the individuals while they take some needed time for themselves. Home At Last has trained individuals who are ready to provide this service for 4 hours up to several days at a time.

Representative Payee

Home At Last provides this service to individuals and for their guardians who are unable to fulfill this portion of the care and support required to meet the individuals needs. This is also beneficial to the individual who would like to one day manage their own benefits as we assist them by teaching through programming and money management opportunities.

Shared Living Homes

This is Home At Last's main service provided. This service is specific to individuals who would like to take advantage of living in a family style home setting. The individual and their caregiver(s) will share the same home sometimes on a short term and most of the time on a long term basis. This is a 24 hour assisted living situation where supports and supervision will be provided to meet the required needs of the individual. The caregivers are chosen by the individual to assure that this is the best fit for that person and to individualize the care plan specific to their needs.

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Give our team in Omaha, NE a call if you are interested in our services. We can provide specialized or personalized services that will surely meet the needs of your loved ones.